Silk Road


The map below shows our route, where we stayed, and where we hope to go next.

Black = The route we all took

Purple = Rob and Josh’s route

Red = Josh’s route to Almaty

Orange = Rob’s circuitous solo route.

Our journey began in the UK and, after a short ferry journey to Holland, we headed southeast and towards the Balkans. From there we travelled east through Greece, Turkey and Georgia. Visa, money and time constraints forced us to take a flight from Georgia to Aktau, Kazakhstan. After Aktau, we overcame the desert and headed towards the Pamirs. Then, we swung north and towards Kyrgystan.

In Kyrgyzstan our journey together came to an end, with Andrew leaving in Osh and Josh in Bishkek (Albeit to cycle to Almaty).

Rob continued and flew to India, after failing to obtain a Chinese visa. He cycled until  Bangalore, at which point illness and a need for a break forced a return to England.

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