2012-09-11_12-12-50_61Andrew’s Bike

Built in 2012, from scratch, using Surly Long Haul Disk Trucker frame. Pictured carrying Ortlieb front and rear panniers. Had already completed a trip down the West Coast of the USA.

Post-Tourient Status: A few scrapes, but still fit as a fiddle

2013-03-28_11-22-23_990Josh’s Bike

Completed the morning that we set off, Josh’s bike is a similar build to the other two. Parts include midget-sized frame and emasculating pink wheels.

Post-Tourient Status: Only 9,000 kilometres? Pffft…


rob's bikeRob’s Bike

Built specifically for this trip and only completed a few weeks beforehand. Parts include Surly Long Haul Disc Trucker frame, Mach 1 Shimano Disc Wheels, Avid BB7 disc brakes, as well as Schwalbe Marathon Dureme tyres.

Post-Tourient Status: Possible PTSD, undergoing treatment

Main Improvements for 2014 Trip:

– New hand-built (by Rob) rear wheel, with cartridge bearing hub.

– New Tubus rear rack

– Shimano Dura-Ace indexed shifters to replace the Dia Compe friction shifters that failed.

– Ortlieb Classic rear panniers to replace the shoddy Carradice pair.

– New M-Wave bar-mounted bag.

Post-New World Status: The Jason Statham of cycle touring; uninspired but tough as hell.


The Big Tent

Marmot three man tent with a small porch. Tough, bright and easy to pitch. Vulnerable to sharp grass and prolonged rain. Suitable for three-season use, not suitable for three-person use.

Post-Tourient Status: Scarred, but will live to pitch another day



The Small Tent

Bought in Tbilisi, this one man, single-skin tent is made by Lafuma. Renowned for everything apart from tents, Lafuma are no-one’s outdoor manufacturer of choice. Despite this, the tent proved robust and was Rob’s home from the Kazakh desert onwards.

Post-Tourient Status: In better health than Josh’s facial hair

Post-New World Status: Intact and still as glamorous as ever, but starting to show its age. Guilty of not being entirely waterproof at times.


3 thoughts on “Kit

  1. Dave says:

    I only have one question. Why are there so many clashing colours on the Surly bike? Blue rims and a green frame. Behave!

  2. Jack Luke says:

    I’m sure you’re well voiced by this point, but may I recommend this guide on keeping on top of your BB7’s performance? I’ve toured on mine for quite a while now and I am yet to find a more ideal way of keeping them in good shape.

    Good luck guys!

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